is a website owned by Nathaniel M. Pulsifer, who has been intimately involved in bringing secondary market annuities to investors and agents for many years.

Through a series of websites, he markets annuities nationwide to retail investors and hold insurance licenses in nearly all states.

This website is a resource for the advisor working with us, to bring a high level of understanding of the asset class, and give advisors the tools and information they need to offer SMA’s to their clients with confidence.

Although it is a small market in the larger financial landscape, SMA’s deserve a place in more main stream planning scenarios as they offer significant benefits to advisors and their clients.  Savvy advisors are picking SMA’s in lieu of other period certain assets as the yield, credit quality, and total return all make for a superior offering for their clients.

We’re here to help you get on board too.

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer


Nathaniel built this website as a resource for retail investors to learn about annuities. He markets annuities nationwide, but over the years in the SMA industry, he has found that Secondary Market Annuities offer the highest combination of safety profitability and have applied SMAs in most client portfolios

By bringing SMA’s to a wider range of advisors, he continues to bring awareness and best practices to the industry.

Nathaniel’s career in finance started in real estate development, where he conceived, capitalized, and executed land development, condo conversion, and apartment projects around the US. He lives in Whitefish, Montana with his wife and two daughters and when not working, is actively hunting, fishing and enjoying Montana.