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Our Planning Scenarios With Secondary Market Annuities- Video 5

In this final installment of the Steve Savant show “Lets Get Down To Business”.  Bryan Anderson of SMASource.com discusses how he uses Secondary Market Annuities in various planning scenarios.   Secondary market annuities are generally issued by highly rated life insurance companies. Factoring companies make a market for structured settlements with wholesale brokers and purchase […]

Lump Sums and Secondary Market Annuities- Video 4

In this fourth installment, Bryan Anderson and Steve Savant discuss how lump sums form an important but often overlooked part of a solid financial plan.   Not all customers can benefit from mortality credits and the higher yield that Secondary Market Annuities offer to investors sometimes is a better way to go than buying lifetime income. […]

Secondary Market Annuities For Income- Interview Video 2

Here is video 2 of  Bryan Anderson, from SMASource.com, on Steve Savant’s nationally syndicated ‘Lets Get Down To Business” discussing Secondary Market Annuities.     Structured settlements have two important characteristics to be aware of when considering- above market yields and a discounted present value lump sum purchase. There are also two possible negatives- lack […]

Secondary Market Annuities Featured On National Advisor program

Recently Bryan Anderson and Nathaniel M. Pulsifer of SMASource.com traveled to Arizona to be featured on Steve Savant’s nationally syndicated show, “Lets Get Down To Business” Steve is a frequent commentator on Producers Web, Insurance New Net, Insurance-Forums, and LinkedIn. He’s the marketing and outreach mastermind of Ash Brokerage and if you ever have the […]

Secondary Market Annuities: A Growing Trend Among Investors

Over the last several years secondary market annuities have become increasingly popular amongst investors looking to diversify in a changing investment market since the crash of 2008. We want to help explain both what Secondary Market Annuities are and why they have become so popular in recent years. Secondary Market Annuities come from annuities where […]