A basket of Secondary Market Annuities often involves multiple cases.  Typical clients buy 4 to 6 cases.  Some individuals have bought 20+ deals.  Advisors and institutions may have dozens of cases per month.

Institutions and family offices have unique challenges moving assets among accounts and building income streams for individual clients.

Keeping track of multiple deals for a client can be challenging. For clients looking for specific income in certain years, or seeking to manage their income from year to year, a summary table can be very helpful.

This simple summary table shows annual income amounts from multiple SMA’s for easy planning.  A sample is HERE.

Please note, we’re not offering tax advice on the exclusion ratio of the specific annuities.  It’s our understanding of current IRS rules that this is the case, but consult your own tax advisor.

To construct your own template click HERE.

For specific custom orders and planning of allocations over $1M, please contact us for “Custom Purchase Order” planning tools and parameters.