The new purchase process we adhere to is carefully designed to reduce the fallout rate of cases by structuring the purchase right from the start.  The inventory is exclusive to us and includes a complete legal review on every case we offer- be it In Stock or Pre Order.  Learn more about these types of transfers by signing up to the right to get our Buyers Guide

The summary of this superior process is that advisors benefit by working with industry veterans who are expert in the process, clients benefit with superior protections and guarantees, and the industry benefits by a high standard of quality and certainty.

How Secondary Market Annuities Are Transferred In Our Process:

When buying an SMA, an investor simply becomes the new payee of an existing payment stream.

This transfer is accomplished through a series of contractual agreements assigning the payment from seller to buyer through one or more intermediaries.  During a transfer there are agreements such as stipulations, affidavits, and acknowledgements between the seller, carrier, and buyer or buyer’s entity. There is one step in the process where a Court must rule that selling the payments is in the Seller’s best interests, but the Court order alone is not sufficient to complete a transfer.

It’s a widely held misconception in the industry that a Court order is an absolute line in the sand evidencing an assignment.  This is simply not true.  To be truly complete, quite a few additional steps are needed- the payment stream must be verified, the carrier must be involved, any parties to the payment stream must be notified, all liens must be cleared, and a state specific procedure must be followed.   Legal review is a must to ensure that the proper procedures are followed and the contractual ‘chain of title’ irrevocably assigns the payments to the investor. The Court Order is but one of these many steps.

The superior business process we now adhere to provides confidentiality and insulates the investor from the various confusing documentation, delays, and the not insignificant failure rate associated with the Court proceedings.  These failures stem from the court process, documentation issues, and payment stream verification.  We provide that complete chain of title connection that starts well before, and ends well after, the Court hearing.  No other source of Secondary Market Annuities offers this complete procedure.

This process is detailed on our “Buyer’s Guide” which is available by free download, simply enter your name and email to the right to get a copy.

After years of experience in the industry, we are proud now to offer the highest level of certainty, professionalism, and safety for our advisor clients in a wholesale capacity. Our unique approach to Secondary Market Annuities offers superior investor protection and advisor certainty.

But who are we? How is our process different and better? To answer that, it’s important to know who you are working with.  Who we are helps you understand How we are able to serve you better.  So allow us to explain further….

Bryan J Anderson

Bryan J Anderson

Bryan Anderson and Nathaniel Pulsifer are the owners of Annuity Straight Talk, LLC and of this website (Read More Here). After many years in the annuity marketplace they came on Secondary Market Annuities soon after they became available to individual investors as a result of the financial crisis in 2008.  Over a few short years they helped hundreds of people find the right payment stream to fill in gaps in their retirement income planning with high yield, safe money placements in SMA’s.

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer

Nathaniel M Pulsifer

In 2016, Bryan and Nathaniel joined forces with an investor to form DCF Exchange.  All the participants in the venture are industry veterans and they formed DCF Exchange with the express goal of expanding the availability of SMA’s to a wider audience of advisors and institutions by bringing order and certainty to the industry.

DCF Exchange

Nathaniel is the President and founder, Bryan is Director of Sales, and our partner Ross brings over 25 years of Wall Street interest rate trading experience to the table. We’ve worked together for years and we have all worked in this industry since its early days. Together, quite honestly, we are an incredible team with deep experience, industry knowledge, connections, and years of experience doing the right thing for our clients and advisors.

This website is a resource for the advisors working with Bryan and Nathaniel to give them an extra lift integrating SMAs into their practice.

The Mission Of DCF Exchange

DCF Exchange exists to serve advisors and process cases in a manner that protects the end purchasers to the highest degree. By streamlining the purchase process, buying each case into inventory, putting our own capital at risk, utilizing a professional payment servicing provider, and thoroughly reviewing each payment stream, we offer proven payment streams to our advisors and their clients.

Purchasign First To Protect The Buyer

DCF Exchange only offers for sale what it has already purchased itself. If the legal work in a transfer is not 100% right, we won’t buy it.

Capital On The Line

Because DCF Exchange buys each payment stream it sells in its Business Trust, the Trust acts as the principal buyer from reservation through legal review, carrier acknowledgement, and seller funding.

With each case, capital is extended to purchase the payment stream. Only after the payment stream is completely reviewed and perfected is it made available for the end investor to fund. At that point, one document absolutely assigns the payments from the Trust to the Investor.

Investors benefit with a clear chain of title and a capitalized, buy-side counter-party they can rely on to ensure that the transfer is done right.

There are quite a few additional guarantees, steps, and measures taken to make this purchase process seamless and bulletproof for investors and our advisor clients.  Get appointed today to get our guide to the process and let us tell you more.

As a principal to the transaction, DCF Exchange offers unparalleled investor protection and certainty.

 In Sum:

  • A closing book provides a clear chain of title demonstrating that the purchaser owns the payments irrevocably
  • The Business Trust provides confidentiality for the purchaser.
  • Certainty of execution on all “In Stock” cases
  • Professional payment servicing of GoldStar which provides real and ongoing account service that also facilitates easy reassignments
  • Post-closing verification; and as a party to the transaction, buyers can rely on DCF Exchange to stand behind its work.